Hair Affair

Eenie…Meenie…Miney…Nevermind, you all need a hair cut!

Last night I had the privilege to try out Christina Dominelli Salon! I knew it would be glamorous based on my friend Nick’s somewhat bias opinion, but I had to check it out for myself. It wasn’t hard to find, located at 10557-124 Street, this salon has everything you could possibly want and need!

As far as first impressions go, my initial wide-eye moment was the floor to ceiling windows upon the entrance letting in so much natural light, you feel like you’re outside! With scented candles greeting you and an incredible playlist, I felt right at home. My initial consult with Nick was a funny one, with long hair like mine, I’m the perfect canvas for stylists to chop it all off and make a masterpiece of angles and colour.


However, my first words were “please keep the length!!” with the most terrified look on my face.

After he rolled his eyes, he agreed, but not without first selling me onto a hair rejuvenation treatment by Shu Uemura that would make my hair sparkle, retain moisture and look dazzling, of course it’s coupled with an incredible 15-20 minute head massage that could put anyone to sleep.


The shampoo station was like a mini spa, the most incredible massage chairs (not the tacky ones you’d find at a nail salon), Tom Dixon pendent lighting, and the feeling like you’re going to be in good hands for the rest of the day. Nick has had some incredible training, to get to those pressure points in my head and neck, would make anyone’s headache or knot in their neck disappear!  (Thank you!)

One of the highlights is in the centre of the salon, no doubt what would make this place event cooler is the built-in stage coupled with a runway on hydraulics! So you can count on the salon to host many fashion shows showing off their incredible talent!

And lastly, what I love most is their mission:

Mission StatementTo bring innovation and inspiration to every artist that walks through the door.
To have our guests feel a sense of well-being and comfort.
To be consciously aware of our health, well-being, environmental and ethical responsibilities.
To produce innovative leaders and provide quality in our craft.
To be the artist that takes you on a journey and leaves you with an experience.
To always represent dignity and passion.
Most of all…
To always respect the beauty in it all…
and never forget to be a little CRAZY…

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And…the final product can be found here: