Red Soles for my Red Soul


You’ve most likely seen this already but I have been dying to get my hands on this new Rouge Louboutin nail lacquer.

In 1992, the shoe industry was revolutionized by one man, Christian Louboutin. The designer, as most of you know, ripped a bottle of nail lacquer off his assistant’s desk on a whim and slathered it on the sole of a prototype shoe just to give it a little pizzaz! Next thing you know, woman all over the world are donning this iconic fashion statement.

Louboutin, mimicked the stiletto heel on the ballet shoe he designed as the cap of the nail varnish, coupled with the signature Louboutin red, he introduces Rouge Louboutin. Available in 30 shades, the designer lacquer can be purchased at a hefty price of $50, but with the cost of a $700 pump, it’s almost a bargain!