Function or Fashion 2.0

This is a compilation of shoes that I’ve discovered from BCBG to Alexander McQueen. Some you can wear from that grueling workday to that hot date. The other nonfunctional shoes are the ones you’d see from Alexander McQueen on Lady Gaga. They’re really more of a statement piece than anything, but as you’ve seen in the entertainment pages of magazines and on E! or Entertainment Tonight GAGA sure has patented an individual style to call her own.

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Haute Heels on the Loose

Christmas and New Years may be over but that doesn’t stop me from sporting a little bling on my blouse today. Inspired by a little Audrey Hepburn, my up do + cigarette pants from BCBG complete this look.
Popped collars? Or un-popped? That is the question. I think a little attitude puts a little pep in my step. Driving to work today in -30 degrees celsius was quite the adventure. The exhaust from the bus in front of me blocked my view every time he accelerated. But I’m not complaining. So far Edmonton’s winter has been mild and tolerable. But I am definitely yearning for Spring/Summer. Excited to see what the fashion God’s have in store.