A Fine Art…To Be Schmoozy

schmoozy_2014_web Latitude 53 welcomes the fashion and fairytale world at tonight’s Art of Schmoozy event. Featuring live music, food and cocktails, silent art auction and for the first time ever a fashion auction showcasing exclusive pieces from prominent Edmonton designers and boutiques. Once Upon a Time at Schmoozy—a story about art and fashion.
A note from Fashion Correspondent Janice Galloway from Dress Me Dearly says:

“For the first time ever, you can bid on local fashion at Schmoozy presented by Kingsway Mall. This is Latitude 53‘s biggest bash and fundraiser of the year. Follow @dressmedearly on instagram today to catch some behind the scenes action of our super creative team, Mousy Brown’s Salon and Nickol Walkemeyer Makeup prep our live models from Mode Models Internationalwho will be showing off the exclusive designer pieces up for auction tonight. Four lucky bidders will take home the goods from local fashion fixtures Malorie Urbanovitch Women’s RTWWorkhall StudioSuka Clothing and The Bamboo Ballroom. See you tonight!”

There are still a few tickets left, snag ’em here: http://www.latitude53.org/schmoozy

NEXT UP:  1535369_10152407358407414_3205650223031965612_n PARK is upping its game, expanding its reach and coming to Edmonton for the first time. Funds raised from PARKSHOW ticket sales support Alberta’s emerging artists and designers through PARK’s yearly initiatives including design mentorship programs, educational forums, networking events and more. PARK (Promoting Artists, Redefining Kulture) has selected eight of Alberta’s most promising up and coming designers for a fashion show and art exhibition unlike any other. We are proud to present the following designers at PARKSHOW Edmonton 2014:

Workhall Studio
Bano eeMee
Hunt Amor
KAZZ Clothing
LUXX ready to wear
Suka Clothing


PARK stands for “Promoting Artists, Redefining Kulture” and is a not-for-profit organization, which supports, mentors and promotes Canada’s emerging artists and designers

Fit For a Queen

Meet Letizia Ortiz: Spain’s new ‘middle-class Queen’

We have all been seeing Letizia and Felipeheadlines gracing every media outlet with images of the newest Queen of Spain, Queen Letizia. Move over Kate Middleton, looks like there’s some royal competition between the commoner turn royal in Europe.

Letizia Ortiz a former journalist, married to Prince Felipe, has been one to talk about with her impeccable fashion sense. From gowns fitted in luxurious fabrics to silk pants and splashes of colour, this Queen will be one to watch.

While Spanish media has been tracking the royal couple throughout their courtship and 10-year marriage, Felipe and Letizia have  been fully catapulted into the public eye now that Juan Carlos has handed over the throne to his son.

See the new Queen’s top fashion moments here: 

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You’ve all heard the hubbub over YEGWeekend’s Chris John Millington and Tiffany Mitchell – take a peek at what’s it’s all about – CLICK HERE.

YEG Weekened, an interactive storyworld for locals and visitors, launches this Fall with 48 pages of augmented awesomeness. Just download Layar to your mobile device, scan the pages and be in awe when Whyte Avenue, Jasper Avenue, 124th Street and other hot spots come to life.

Meet Priyanka Chopra: The New Guess Girl

America, feast your eyes on a Bollywood superstar, model and actress, Priyanka Chopra, the new Guess girl! It’s not hard to believe that India is home to some of the most beautiful women on the planet. It is hard to believe, however, that it took this long for a brand as big as Guess to pick one of them up!

Chopra said she was hand-selected by Paul Marciano, Guess’ president, after he met her and immediately dubbed her the new Sophia Loren. Since Marciano’s last model of choice, Kate Upton, has become the poster child for glamorous bombshell beauty, we have no doubt that Chopra will be the name on everybody’s lips come December when her Guess campaign breaks in fashion magazines.

“I’m not too American and I’m not too Indian, but I’m a global citizen,” she says, “and that’s what most people are today. And I don’t want to have to change who I am to try and fit in or cater to a certain audience.”

Chopra proudly portrays femininity, sex appeal, and a little old Hollywood glamour, which makes for the perfect Guess model.

My Date with Tiffany

I had the privilege of attending the media opening of Tiffany & Co before the general grand opening on Friday, October 11, and I was blown away the second I walked in. Greeted with champagne at the front entrance, hors d’ouevres handed out and finally little Tiffany blue box cheese cake with caramel to top off an amazing experience. That’s exactly what walking into the Tiffany’s store is, an experience.

I received a tour from one of the senior reps hosting the party, it was like a backstage pass to Tiffany’s! The first thing I noticed had to have been the hand painted wallpaper, with the finest details of Mother of Pearl and the classic touch of “Tiffany blue” swirled around the floral pattern, it was eye catching!
photo 4Our tour led us to a private room, where the doors weighed a tonne, the lights dimmed down to capture the stunning curves of the collections and for those high ticket items, you are left in complete privacy. There have been many proposals at the flagship store in New York as well, how romantic! From my previous post I had expressed my love for the Frank Gehry collection. After visiting the store I think I’ve added a new love to that list, the Atlas Collection. I fell in love with the classic round watch looking pendant on a beautiful thin silver chain. Designed in 1983, the Roman numerals represent the numbers on a watch, III VI IX XII, you can see below the diamond encrusted Atlas pendant.

cakeTo conclude my experience, after trying on numerous bracelets, rings and necklaces, I was treated to a cheesecake in the shape of a Tiffany’s box! And upon my exit I was handed the renowned little blue bag. To my surprise I received my very first Tiffany necklace from none other than the Atlas collection! Thank you Tiffany’s!

TIFFANY & CO., T&CO., TIFFANY and ATLAS are trademarks of
Tiffany and Company and its affiliates.


Fashion & Film


Massimo Dutti Canada Fall Winter ‘ 13: The Film.
Directed by: Hunter & Gatti

What I love about this designer is that they used film to showcase their FW 13 collection. As seen here as well with the perfume Guerlain:

Massimo Dutti was founded in 1985 in Barcelona, Spain and was acquired by Inditex in 1991. It now has over 673 stores in more than 64 countries.

The brand was originally aimed at men’s fashion. Starting in 1992, women’s fashion was launched in all its dimensions: from the most urban lines to the more casual. With this, Massimo Dutti has consolidated at all levels as a group with national and international growth, which today has over 4,000 employees.

In 2003, Massimo Dutti launched a children’s fashion range under the trade name Massimo Dutti Boys & Girls. This line is being implemented progressively in stores in several countries, where the stores are large enough to house its specific space.

What Business Are You In?


That was the first question asked by D.B. Scott, President of Impresa Communications. We had the pleasure of inviting Scott to our office to educate the sales team on what to expect when selling.

I am in the business of advertising. My business to serve a well-defined audience at Venture Publishing.


Magazines have a few key characteristics that make up their footprint:

~ They have intense reader involvement
~ They are intensely market driven
~ Have a life cycle where at times they may even have to reinvent themselves
~ They are becoming agnostic on how they serve media…using MULTIMEDIA {more than one medium of expression or communication}.

Print is now a part of a larger media. Successful magazines position themselves on quality over price.  WE MAKE CONTENT, no matter how we deliver it {print, social media, online}.

In 1920 when the first radio broadcast was introduced people said “who will read books now?!”. Then when the first television was invented in 1940 people said “well no one will listen to the radio no, and no way will they need books or newspapers or magazines!”. 1960 rolls around and colour T.V. was introduced, for sure print media was history!
Sure enough  everyone thought that as soon as the internet hit, newspapers and magazines were FINISHED. That was certainly not the case. Even PMB (Print Measurement Bureau) ran a survey which stated that there are the exact same number of magazine titles as there were 4 years ago (during the latest recession).

Scott also made a very good reference to Vogue the 700 page magazine which features majority advertisements. Strip all those ads out and all you get is the editorial content. No offense to my writer friends, but who wants to just read editorial??

Magazine without any ads.


Scott also discussed the print vs. online mediums.  To summarize, you have to marry the two. This is the future, and people will view the tangible product online {for example through Zinio magazine newsstand or on their Smart Phones, iPads and computers}.

Marketing is no longer about any one medium,
rather using a MEDIA-MIX to suit the clients target market


The 33rd Annual ACE Awards

Presented By Edmonton International Airport

The ACE Awards this year was a huge success! I’m not just saying that because I am on the board of directors for probably the best looking group Edmonton has to offer, however, I am saying that because after speaking with creative directors, account executives and students they all had the same thing to say: “Great venue, good food, more opportunity to network”. Ryan Jespersen and Kari Skelton, of CityTV, sure took the stage with their dapper pilot and flight attendant outfits. 

Incite Marketing provided the creative from the lit up signs throughout the hallway leading into the Edmonton Events Centre, to the banners on stage and the ACE Air flight guide seen here below and more!

Lastly, a huge thanks go out to Renee Baranieski (Red the Agency) and Jon Manning (Free) were the master-minds behind this years event. Hats off to this dynamic duo.  

Catch the conversation on Twitter: #AceAwards

Here are some of my highlights from the evening:

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Winners of the Evening:

Best of Show Award: Incite “Warner Hockey School Video”, Rural Alberta Development Fund

Fellowship Award: Hans J. Dys

Legacy Award: Douglas Woolgar

Art Direction Award: Calder Bateman Communications “Part of the Culture”, Office of Traffic Safety

Student Award: Madyson Smith & Tyler van Brabant “Can Your Phone Do This?” Edmonton Humane Society

Corporate Identity: FREE “FREE ID” FREE

Magazine Series: DDB Canada “Break the Wall”, Alberta Employment and Immigration

Newspaper Series: DDB Canada “Break the Wall”, Alberta Employment and Immigration

Public Service or Not-for-Profit Print: Calder Bateman Communications “Part of the Culture”, Office of Traffic Safety

Outdoor: DDB Canada “Hoop”, Northlands – Capital EX

Radio Single: ATB Financial “The Oil Droplets”, ATB Financial

TV Series: Calder Bateman Communications “Getting Ready”, Alberta Health Services

Public Service or Not-for-Profit TV/Video: Incite “Warner Hockey School Video”, Rural Alberta Development Fund

Fearless Client: Alberta Health Services “Plenty of Syph”, Calder Bateman Communications (Agency)

Self Promotion: FREE “The FREE Store”, FREE

Dear Jacki Glick

Well I was surprised to find out that one of the most fabulous girls I met in Montreal over the summer in 2011 just started following me on Twitter! Little did I know she is a PR anomaly living in the heart of Montreal with a fiery passion for this media industry of ours. I’m pleased to have met the one and only Jacki Glick.

I happened to have stumbled upon her video titled Step One, in this video Jacki interviews people in their everyday lives on how much garbage one consumes in ONE day. You’d be very shocked to hear the answer. She then goes on to interviewing one who describes the benefits of eating healthy, making a choice and reducing the amount we consume each day.

Take a look at Jacki’s video blog here:

Readers, stay tuned for a very special update coming to you soon from Advertising Week in Canada! Then something you’ve all been waiting for… an update from our star Miss Smith!