Edmonton Arena

As the Arena story continues to unfold we are anxiously awaiting the final product. Haters are constantly posting negative comments on blog posts and news articles all because they are being stripped of their taxes to pay for Edmonton’s most extravagant expenditure. But they neglect to realize that this may save Edmonton’s downtown core. The one thing lacking in Edmonton is a downtown fit for our locals. Edmonton being so spread out has refrained people from truly enjoying all the nooks we have. Bringing an arena into the core will finally make downtown a more tolerable place to be. The last biggest attaction that has put Edmonton on the map was the Alberta Art Gallery – with it’s unique “Frank Gehry” like architecture, Randall Stout has brought all eye-balls to this funky design.

We will be looking forward to project management by ICON Venture Group and architectural phenom by 360 Architure.

Elise Stolte backs this in her latest online article at www.edmontonjournal.com. Click here to follow.