DEC by Sona

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I’m really excited to announce DEC by Sona as my new venture into the entrepreneurial world. You’ll be seeing lots from me including work with, Rocky Mountain Ice House, It’s Time to Bloom and more!

DEC by Sona is a unique social design and event management firm specializing in the creative development and professional execution of special events. Dedicated to unsurpassed customer care and flawless execution, DEC focuses on developing events that are tailored to each of our clients’ individual needs. By engaging in social media, DEC is able to harness the power of community involvement in this digital era.

Collaborative relationships and a solid network of suppliers and partners in Edmonton allows DEC to carry out events successfully on a consistent basis. We are known for being driven by passion and care, providing our clients with the strategic, logistical and organizational expertise necessary to deliver a lasting impression. 

Yada, yada, yada…come work with me.

Stay up to date through my website at DEC by Sona and well as Facebook: DEC by Sona and Twitter: @DECbySona.

Here’s to 2014! Can’t wait to collaborate with YOU next!


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Create your very own social media channel to publicize at your office, home and to share with others: Check out and get started!


Keeping You Online

Global TV Edmonton’s online web producer, Trish Kozicka, kicks off every Sunday with a segment featuring the most popular online content.

Sun, Aug 5 – Trish has your weekly web roundup – including the latest from the ‘Socialympics,’ a robot that can do your chores, why more and more people seem to be doing face plants, and more! Click here to view the latest on online.

Here is a look at some of her past segments on Global Edmonton

Tune in every Sunday to catch her in action.


A little different take on my post today. Have you ever had that moment when you hang your head down in shame after publicly tweeting something that you catch after is a mistake? Well, I have. Having to apologize afterward is always embarrassing. You never want to be the chump who has to admit they are wrong.

Well that was the case for me this week on a number of occasions. Sitting in TEDx Salon Series with my Twitter crush @Oaktober wondering what the heck Open Source Data is [I should have Googled that before pretending to be a geek and smiling and nodding at what the amazing speakers were presenting] I couldn’t even concentrate. I can’t take credit for this but we were sitting there wondering if it was just us or if everyone in the room was also faking it, wtf is “lunaranalytical-information system-sharing investment”?! – thanks girl, your material made my night and by being by my side on that one.

Had my partner in crime known what the heck George Siemens was saying, I would have been the only one in the room lost! Like in the movie a Bugs Life! The minute their route is disrupted they are LOST! While everyone was nodding, I’m sitting in the corner wondering if I locked my car door in the Library parking lot. #ShitGirlsSay.

That very same night, I introduced myself to Pieter de Vos whose title is: Community Development Officer Community Inclusion and Engagement Branch Alberta Culture and Community Services. 😐 OK Try saying that in an introduction. Instead he told me that he defended his candidacy last week and was sleep deprived. All I could think was “what can I do to change the world?” This guy travels to South Africa and researches to “explore the experiences of ‘home’ and ‘belonging’ of migrants and refugees in an informal settlement (squatter camp) in Pretori”. Great….another thing I can check off my list. Or I guess it’s another thing he can check off his list. He shared with me his Audio Slide Show which I was mesmerized by: Audio Slideshow – this showcase Canada as a vulnerable entity, the homeless, the absence of good governance and the polarization of the rich and poor.
What was going through my head was that this guy was out of my league! I was emailing him back with my contact info as neither of us had our business cards. Of course I was infatuated with his vast knowledge and his helping hand in such a torn continent. Then I go and write something like this:

So great to officially! Thank you do much for your contact information, let’s stay in touch and perhaps we can collaborate at some point.



What did I mean by that?! Why am I such a dummy I can’t even finish my own sentence! And who doesn’t EDIT?! Me…that’s who. This is why I would be a horrible copy writer. Lesson: Do not type on an iPhone and walk at the same time (no excuse).

While further using my investigatory skills on this guy, I copy and pasted his photography site so I could check it out later. I received an email from a client to confirm a URL and instead I said to my client:

Just confirming that this is the URL you’d like us to use when people click on your ad:

UGH….this wasn’t his website…this is my stalking abilities at work.

I spend the next hour hanging my head in shame. Should I blame Friday? No. Should I have edited my emails before sending them? Yes.

Lesson learned. (I hope).

Crowned Jewels

I’ve only had the chance to meet Chelsey in person twice…but our cyber-relationship has escalated by Tweeting, texting (thanks to iMessage we can text for free), and enjoying each others stellar blogs (see Chelseys’ here). I’m a huge advocate of her running for Miss Universe Canada, Chelsey has the drive and ambition in her to succeed and make it to the top! This Q & A will allow you to get to know Chelsey a little bit better, and now you too can follow her through this amazing journey.  
What was the first thing that popped into your head when you found out about Miss Canada?
  CS: I have been scouted for pageants before, and interested in the concept of pageantry as opposed to modeling, as a pageant requires the full package; beauty, brains, and grace, whereas modeling simply requires beauty. A mentor of mine, Paula Bailey, had competed in Miss Universe Canada, and through hearing her stories, I began to see the pageant as an opportunity to be an ambassador for your community and country. This opportunity greatly appealed to me, and I stepped up! I am excited to represent my country, and strive to be a positive role model for women throughout the pageant.
What do you ultimately want to achieve by entering in this pageant?
  CS: Ultimately I want to grow, and remain true to myself. Though, I also want to raise money and awareness for the pageant’s charities (Stay tuned, fundraiser in the making!). Additionally, I hope that my involvement with Miss Universe Canada will help create a platform I can use to speak to young women about inner beauty, confidence, and media education. 
You have worked with Eveline Charles Beauty Bootcamp working on what it means to be beautiful. What does inner beauty mean to you?
  CS: Yes, I worked as a leader/instructor for the Eveline Charles Beauty Bootcamp program, which is a summer day-camp for pre-teens. I created workshops on self-esteem, confidence, and style. I openly discussed my experiences as a model, and now as a contributor to a magazine in my workshops and presentations. It is important for me to discuss concepts like photo-shop/airbrushing, and the power mass media has on body-image, and other societal impacts.

  To me, the inner part of beauty is the very essence of beauty. I believe that “beauty is as beauty does”, meaning to be beautiful, one must do beautiful things. Examples of beautiful things that the beauty-bootcampers helped me come up with include volunteering, helping others, smiling, and kindness!  
If you win and carry onto the Miss Universe Canada pageant, what doors will that open? 
  CS: Being crowned Miss Universe Canada would allow me the opportunity to travel and work with a number of charities that are important to me for the next year. Devoting a year to philanthropy and travel is like a dream come true for me.
What advice do you have for prospective Miss Canada candidates?
CS: It is most important to be true to yourself. And to stand strong in the face of criticism or doubt; shake off negativity.

Remember that you are beautiful, just the way you are! [Nice little Bridget Jones’ plug ;)]
How will your current education assist in reaching your end goal with Miss Universe Canada?
  CS: I hope that my current schooling, professional communication, will assist me with public speaking, and will provide me with the cultured insight that an ambassador of Canada needs.  
Have you been able to mix and mingle with the other contestants?
  CS: Yes, and I am thrilled to say I have made friends with some lovely, smart, and independent women. I am so grateful to have been able to connect with other young and ambitious women through the pageant.
 How would one of your classmates describe you? 
CS: Nick says: “Kind, insightful, passionate, empathetic, devoted to family and friends, solid work ethic..”
Jasmine says: “Confident, determined, gracious.”
 How do you prepare for such an incredible journey?
 CS: Positive affirmations, sleep, water, and of course, with an abundance of love and support from my family and friends!
To make it less serious what is your favourite part of the pageant? The swimwear? The gowns? The interview? Or the new friends? 
 CS: My favourite part of the pageant would be the speaking opportunities, collaboration with charity, travel, and the inspirational women I have met along the way!

 Current sponsors are:
Pandora Jewelry
Bikram West Shore Yoga 
To find out how to sponsor Chelsey Smith in her campaign, please contact directly here.
To keep in touch with the campaign, please like her Facebook page
 Stay tuned for an upcoming fundraiser!