MANual 0.2

A little men’s fashion tip for today.
helmIf you haven’t already checked out 104th Street’s The Helm then you’re missing out. Part of my spring MANual here is a look at the Helm’s favourite Spring picks. Be sure to check out the store located on Edmonton’s 4th Street Promenade: 10125104 Street.

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Tip For The Day:
For those looking for something to do Friday night, make sure you hit up The Bower to hear this guy ~ Marlon English spin. He will be in Edmonton monthly for the Bower’s (Semi Monthly) Strictly Goods night. A little hip hop, a little funk and a lot of soul.

An Italian Concerto

Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra did it again!
It was another successful night at the Winspear Centre on Saturday night. Since it was a last-minute decision our seats were a little close to the front…and when I say close, I mean front row. You could practically smell the sweat off the violinists! They weren’t sweating, they were so into the sounds of their music peers that their facial expressions mimicked that of the amazing conductor, Charles Olivieri-Munroe. In my experience, I haven’t seen a conductor so young and so full of energy as I saw of Olivieri-Munroe on Saturday.

I can assure you he has his experience and wowed the audience with his skills, managing such a talented group of musicians in one of the world’s state-of-the-art concert halls. Charles made sure he commended PCL Construction, one of Winspear’s major sponsors, for the exceptional architecture of the Winspear.

The course of the evening ran off schedule. The night’s soloist Italian guitar phenom Robert Belinić started the night off on a romantic note. Belinić strummed his electric guitar in a manner which moved the audience into a standing ovation after each set. Starting off with SMETANA Tajemstvi / The Secret: Overture was a wise move, the sounds reminded me of my love for latin culture. So much passion and intensity, which is what was portrayed in this performance.

The collaboration of Italian guitar mixed with our ESO was a true hit and if I could listen to Robert Belinić all day I would! Back to Vicky Cristina Barcelona – this night made me want to go back to Europe and listen to Spanish guitar, click here to watch a scene from the movie.

Thank you once again to the ESO, Charles Olivieri-Munroe and Robert Belinić for an outstanding performance.