Travel Tips by Emily Schuman

Most people when they travel think they look like this:

Michael-Kors-Spring-2013-Ad-CampaignWhen in actuality, they look more like this:

mila_kunis_sweat_pants_gray_shSure Mila Kunis is hot, but the sweatpants…are not.

Emily Schuman, one of my favourite bloggers, of Cupcakes and Cashmere has some great travel tips that you might be interested in:

1. Over sized sunglasses. For super early flights when I can’t be bothered to put on make-up, they’re great at making you look put together, even if you’re not.

2. Light layering. I was once stuck on a flight that had no air conditioning (wearing a wool sweater, naturally) and I was miserable. I now make sure to wear a breathable cotton tank top with very minimal jewelry. The same goes for accessories in general – avoid anything that could potentially set off the metal detector, including a big watch, chunky jewelry, a metal belt – even an underwire bra!
3. A good wrap sweater is worth investing in – it should be versatile, soft, and billowy so that it can transform into a makeshift blanket, mid-flight.

4. Stretchy pants + comfortable flats***. Black jeans are ideal for traveling, since they’re dressy enough should you need to go straight from the airport to dinner. The main thing is to make sure they have a good amount of stretch and aren’t too tight. I like to wear some sort of flat shoe that I can slip on and off at security – just make sure to pack along some cozy socks to change into once you’re in the air.
5. Big carry-all. This bag is my favorite – it holds a ton of stuff, including all of my airport essentials (noise-reducing headphones, laptop, iPad, snacks, hand sanitizer, etc.) and eliminates the need to take along two purses.


*** Noted below is definitely not an appropriate travel outfit but Italy awaited me and I’m always in heels:travelsona

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