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I’m really excited to announce DEC by Sona as my new venture into the entrepreneurial world. You’ll be seeing lots from me including work with, Rocky Mountain Ice House, It’s Time to Bloom and more!

DEC by Sona is a unique social design and event management firm specializing in the creative development and professional execution of special events. Dedicated to unsurpassed customer care and flawless execution, DEC focuses on developing events that are tailored to each of our clients’ individual needs. By engaging in social media, DEC is able to harness the power of community involvement in this digital era.

Collaborative relationships and a solid network of suppliers and partners in Edmonton allows DEC to carry out events successfully on a consistent basis. We are known for being driven by passion and care, providing our clients with the strategic, logistical and organizational expertise necessary to deliver a lasting impression. 

Yada, yada, yada…come work with me.

Stay up to date through my website at DEC by Sona and well as Facebook: DEC by Sona and Twitter: @DECbySona.

Here’s to 2014! Can’t wait to collaborate with YOU next!


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Create your very own social media channel to publicize at your office, home and to share with others: Check out and get started!


A Little Cary Grant Never Hurt Anyone

Fashion with Compassion held an event at Metro Cinema (formerly Garneau Theatre) last night, with a touch of old Hollywood glamour, Mode Models fashioned designer garments of the latest trends, it was a nice change from the usual movie screening. The event is a precursor to the main event on October 11th, 2012. Syncrude presents Fashion with Compassion 2012, proceeds will go to Growing Compassion, a campaign to expand Sorrentino’s Compassion House. After a special screening of An Affair to Remember with the handsome Cary Grant and beautiful Deborah Kerr. Trish and I went to my favourite cafe in Edmonton, the Sugar Bowl. After we indulged in a little Sofia Coppola pink champagne “Sofia” we entertained the classic B52 specialty coffee! Even though we’ve had the B52 coffee for years now, the bar tender needed to specify that all the specialty coffees had two ounces of baileys not one. Just in case we were foreign to the concept. Thank you bar-tender.

After carefully dissecting the classic film which warmed all our hearts, a lost Michael Janz, an Edmonton School Board Trustee, wandered aimlessly trying to find his group of friends. He caught my attention and said “I like your blog, keep blogging! Except about those shoes…you know the ones with the red soles?” (Of course I responded with “Ah, Christian Louboutin”….but of course!). I’m not sure whether I should be happy or concerned he reads my blog or that he pointed out that I write a lot about shoes. Well Michael, “Ask and you shall receive!” I have now plugged you into my blog. What would you like me to blog about next?

…Stay tuned my next blog post will be “The Resurgence of Scrunchies” (tip from Ryan Kenny).

What Business Are You In?


That was the first question asked by D.B. Scott, President of Impresa Communications. We had the pleasure of inviting Scott to our office to educate the sales team on what to expect when selling.

I am in the business of advertising. My business to serve a well-defined audience at Venture Publishing.


Magazines have a few key characteristics that make up their footprint:

~ They have intense reader involvement
~ They are intensely market driven
~ Have a life cycle where at times they may even have to reinvent themselves
~ They are becoming agnostic on how they serve media…using MULTIMEDIA {more than one medium of expression or communication}.

Print is now a part of a larger media. Successful magazines position themselves on quality over price.  WE MAKE CONTENT, no matter how we deliver it {print, social media, online}.

In 1920 when the first radio broadcast was introduced people said “who will read books now?!”. Then when the first television was invented in 1940 people said “well no one will listen to the radio no, and no way will they need books or newspapers or magazines!”. 1960 rolls around and colour T.V. was introduced, for sure print media was history!
Sure enough  everyone thought that as soon as the internet hit, newspapers and magazines were FINISHED. That was certainly not the case. Even PMB (Print Measurement Bureau) ran a survey which stated that there are the exact same number of magazine titles as there were 4 years ago (during the latest recession).

Scott also made a very good reference to Vogue the 700 page magazine which features majority advertisements. Strip all those ads out and all you get is the editorial content. No offense to my writer friends, but who wants to just read editorial??

Magazine without any ads.


Scott also discussed the print vs. online mediums.  To summarize, you have to marry the two. This is the future, and people will view the tangible product online {for example through Zinio magazine newsstand or on their Smart Phones, iPads and computers}.

Marketing is no longer about any one medium,
rather using a MEDIA-MIX to suit the clients target market


An Interview With Adnan Elladen: Arthiteckt

By Sona Chavda

My meeting with Adnan was coupled with french wine, warm bread, olives and pomme frites all from the amazing Marc, restaurant this week (conveniently apart of Downtown Dining Week). I’ve spent time talking with Adnan and have really learned a lot from his ability to design, sculpt and create. Here you will see an in-depth look into the work of this Arthiteckt [art-it-ect].

1) How long have you been designing?

AE: Started in 2005, it’s been an ongoing process of research and development. Stopped for about a year and half, I wanted to give up on it but it wouldn’t leave me, it kept knocking back. It’s a good thing I had a break it helped me realize this is what I really wanted to do.

2) What’s your inspiration right now?

AE: Architecture and automotives. That’s always been where the basis of where everything came from. Now it’s bridges, buildings, steel, rawness, trains, skyscrapers, even here [at the Marc] the brick and concrete. I love all that. Oh and the New Audi RS4.
3) How did you come up with certain design concepts? (i.e the plexi or mounting system you came up with).

AE: The plexi material came from my background in automotives. I used to work at a race car shop and a lot of the materials that were used were fiberglass, plexi glass, carbon fiber & aluminum. Plexi was to me, the easiest material to work with. I want to get into aluminum and carbon fiber, more higher end materials , it’s more complex. The mounting systems again came from automotives and just visually seeing it in buildings that’s where the architecture came in. TV shows like Mega Factories, the development process from the Formula One team, I was glued to the TV. The techniques inspired me. It’s way a product is presented.

4) When designing what makes things beautiful to you?

AE: Colours. Really just the final product, when I’m designing something The complexity and detail it’s worth it in the end.

5) Have you collaborated with other designers or artists? And if not, would you?

AE: I would definitely love to, there are a few out there that I’d like to work with. There are a couple of graffiti artists in the UK that are doing some cool stuff. Maybe with some of the work that they do, I could take them through the 3D process and maybe elaborate on what they’ve done. In terms of businesses, mostly architects, there are a few that I would want to work with. I want someone who has the same visual aspects where my work will fit in.

I found out the name of the company that developed the Art Gallery of Alberta, and I thought, this is me! The aluminum the industrial feel to it, and the glass and the hardware. I thought to myself I need to work with these guys!

Mos Definite

6) How does your cultural background influence your work?

AE: Being Muslim, a lot of their architecture like their Mosques in the Middle East, I’ve never been there but in seeing photos – it influences my work. A lot of their work is hand-made. Using geometric shapes, that’s where the math comes in. I want to get more abstract – that and I guess when I do the Islamic [work] that will be a big influence.

7) Where do you want to see your art?

AE: I would like to see it in the Art Gallery. I’d like to have a showcase of my Arthiteckture series because the Art Gallery represents my work that I do. Very industrial, with the pulley systems, cables and the hardware, it blends in perfectly. I’d like to see it in high-end homes, progressive/forward thinking homes. I’d love to work with brands in the automotive business such as Volkswagen AG more specifically Audi, and Lamborghini. I’d like to do some branding or a marketing campaign. My own clothing line  Someone who is open to thinking outside the traditional realm of design. I want the freedom thought to do what I want.

[the architect of the Art Gallery of Alberta is Randall Stout]

8) Who are your role models?

AE: For me, I’m self taught in terms of how I actually developed everything, so anybody who is willing to be patient and take the time to understand and develop anything I respect – I don’t like the education process, I like people thinking outside the box, without formal training. I like graffiti artists as well. it then comes back to automotive in that industry I love the technology – which is inspirational.

9) Where do you see yourself find 5 years?

AE: I hope to have my own lounge/gallery as one where I can design and build everything myself showcasing my skill set, along with my own full studio setup connected in the back With a big garage door in the back. 🙂  Actually working with some of the companies we have been talking about such as Audi, but I would also like to travel the world, I’d like to be able to showcase my work outside. A lot of the things I want to do are in the Middle East, they are building these grand billion+ dollar hotels beyond anything you’d ever see in North America. Anywhere progressive and innovative in design concepts.

10) Most designers or artists love all their work in it’s own way, but what piece speaks to you the most?

AE: The cable piece that I did, it’s called Vorusprung 1881, it’s the first piece that I made for myself. A lot of the work I’ve done is consulting with clients, but this was for me. The beginning piece for my Arthiteckture series. That speaks to me because it’s got that abstract complexity in it but it also has element of the cables and the industrial theme.

Vorusprung 1881

11) What are you working on right now?

AE: I’m consulting with a few clients right now on some Islamic art, and potentially working with a law firm that wants a piece for their lobby area. And I’m also designing more pieces for the Arthiteckture series, coming up with concepts, ideas, how I’m going to build it. More of just ideas, concepts and strategic planning right now.

12) Aside from your art, you do renovation work for homes?

AE: I’m starting to do home decor. I do custom mirrors, and I did a desk and laid it all in plexi glass. Also i did a fireplaces in a very high gloss plexi. I’d like to get into that some more but only when the client requests it. But now I want to focus on one thing. I’m still trying to develop more installation systems, like the cables. I want to make that the art, rather than make the artwork the art. I’d like to get into more sculptures, and maybe incorporate some sort of abstract art and plexi in there. I have a friend that has these high-end metals, and I weld…so it actually ties into the automotive world, especially using carbon fibre and exotic materials for some large-scale sculptures.

13) In 20 years, when you’ve established yourself as a designer, would you ever see yourself teaching?

AE: Yes I’d love to, especially in the form of inspiring people. When I went to school, I was taking business and all I was taught was to work in a bank…it was never to go outside and do your own thing, and something that you love. It made me believe that anything is possible.

People tend to be afraid to draw and open up, I just went for it. And it made me
believe that I could do anything, that anything was possible. There are no

You can follow Adnan’s work on his website: Adnan Elladen
Follow on Twitter:

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And the Winner Is…

for the Avenue Edmonton’s Design Competition.

Robert’s Chute table design gets him a subsidized trip to New York this year. Congratulations on winning! We look forward to seeing what else Robert designs in the future.

Designing a table that has two purposes: aesthetically pleasing and functional isn’t an easy task. So my hat goes off to this concept and the design. The Avenue design competition Awards Ceremony took place on Feb. 16th at Inspired Home Interiors. Designs are on display in store from Feb. 9-29.

ACE After Hours – Feb 16th Hudson’s Canadian Tap House

Ad Week kicked off nation wide in January,
but the Advertising Club of Edmonton kicks off the networking parties with last nights After Hours. A night to hob-nob with our advertising peers from agencies to video production companies to publication houses. NEWAD continues to support the club with hosting our 2012 After Hours at Hudson’s Canadian Tap House. Our biggest news that was revealed was that Edmonton International Airport (EIA) has signed on to be the ACE Awards title sponsor! Huge news as our theme is “Come Fly With Us” – get your tickets now to see who has won the years best ad work done by Edmonton’s finest (and by finest, I don’t mean cops…).

The 33rd Annual ACE Awards – Presented by EIA
March 24, 2012 
6:30 pm
Place: Edmonton Events Centre,
West Edmonton Mall, Upper Level

Click here to buy tickets to the ACE Awards.

Additional Information

5:30PM – 6:30pm: VIP Reception
6:30PM – 8:30PM: Networking & Light Gourmet Fare
8:30PM – 10:00PM: ACE Awards Show
10:00PM – 2:00AM: ACE Awards Afterparty



A little different take on my post today. Have you ever had that moment when you hang your head down in shame after publicly tweeting something that you catch after is a mistake? Well, I have. Having to apologize afterward is always embarrassing. You never want to be the chump who has to admit they are wrong.

Well that was the case for me this week on a number of occasions. Sitting in TEDx Salon Series with my Twitter crush @Oaktober wondering what the heck Open Source Data is [I should have Googled that before pretending to be a geek and smiling and nodding at what the amazing speakers were presenting] I couldn’t even concentrate. I can’t take credit for this but we were sitting there wondering if it was just us or if everyone in the room was also faking it, wtf is “lunaranalytical-information system-sharing investment”?! – thanks girl, your material made my night and by being by my side on that one.

Had my partner in crime known what the heck George Siemens was saying, I would have been the only one in the room lost! Like in the movie a Bugs Life! The minute their route is disrupted they are LOST! While everyone was nodding, I’m sitting in the corner wondering if I locked my car door in the Library parking lot. #ShitGirlsSay.

That very same night, I introduced myself to Pieter de Vos whose title is: Community Development Officer Community Inclusion and Engagement Branch Alberta Culture and Community Services. 😐 OK Try saying that in an introduction. Instead he told me that he defended his candidacy last week and was sleep deprived. All I could think was “what can I do to change the world?” This guy travels to South Africa and researches to “explore the experiences of ‘home’ and ‘belonging’ of migrants and refugees in an informal settlement (squatter camp) in Pretori”. Great….another thing I can check off my list. Or I guess it’s another thing he can check off his list. He shared with me his Audio Slide Show which I was mesmerized by: Audio Slideshow – this showcase Canada as a vulnerable entity, the homeless, the absence of good governance and the polarization of the rich and poor.
What was going through my head was that this guy was out of my league! I was emailing him back with my contact info as neither of us had our business cards. Of course I was infatuated with his vast knowledge and his helping hand in such a torn continent. Then I go and write something like this:

So great to officially! Thank you do much for your contact information, let’s stay in touch and perhaps we can collaborate at some point.



What did I mean by that?! Why am I such a dummy I can’t even finish my own sentence! And who doesn’t EDIT?! Me…that’s who. This is why I would be a horrible copy writer. Lesson: Do not type on an iPhone and walk at the same time (no excuse).

While further using my investigatory skills on this guy, I copy and pasted his photography site so I could check it out later. I received an email from a client to confirm a URL and instead I said to my client:

Just confirming that this is the URL you’d like us to use when people click on your ad:

UGH….this wasn’t his website…this is my stalking abilities at work.

I spend the next hour hanging my head in shame. Should I blame Friday? No. Should I have edited my emails before sending them? Yes.

Lesson learned. (I hope).

Dear Jacki Glick

Well I was surprised to find out that one of the most fabulous girls I met in Montreal over the summer in 2011 just started following me on Twitter! Little did I know she is a PR anomaly living in the heart of Montreal with a fiery passion for this media industry of ours. I’m pleased to have met the one and only Jacki Glick.

I happened to have stumbled upon her video titled Step One, in this video Jacki interviews people in their everyday lives on how much garbage one consumes in ONE day. You’d be very shocked to hear the answer. She then goes on to interviewing one who describes the benefits of eating healthy, making a choice and reducing the amount we consume each day.

Take a look at Jacki’s video blog here:

Readers, stay tuned for a very special update coming to you soon from Advertising Week in Canada! Then something you’ve all been waiting for… an update from our star Miss Smith!