Just a girl with a passion for fashion, media, art and music. railway

Born in London, England where my passion for travel began, I was brought to the fine country of Canada where I grew up, in Oil Country. Home of the Edmonton Oilers, City of Champions, city of entrepreneurs and a city of festivals.

After a few years studying residential interior design I took the plunge and moved to Vancouver. Eventually that’s where my passion for fashion and media started. A city where arts came to life and food inspired me to try new things (even as a vegetarian). This brief stint in Vancouver led me back to Edmonton where my new career in advertising blossomed. I started my “Mad Men” career at our local newspaper, and my love of connecting with the city began, meeting incredibly talented people and dominating the ad world. After a heartening discussion with the VP I was asked to run for the board of directors for the Advertising Club of Edmonton! My love for event management blossomed here as I planned and executed two years worth of events, bringing together the advertising community allowed me to learn more about the industry. My love of networking, event planning, styling, media and fashion all came full circle to this day.

The rest is fate for me.

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